Reimagined Renewable Energy Future
in the Keystone State

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Southwestern Pennsylvania is uniquely positioned to play a critical role in the clean energy transition – leveraging its historic infrastructure and harnessing the power of its abundant waterways to lead in the development of low impact, renewable, hydro power.

Low-impact hydropower is the only 24/7 renewable product available

10 projects in the region – representing a nearly
$1 billion investment

What does hydropower mean for the region?

The renewable energy transition is an ‘all-of-the-above’ approach, and southwestern Pennsylvania is leading this effort with a unique focus on local investment in infrastructure, communities, and workforce development.

Economic Benefit

Access to low-cost, carbon free electricity will be a competitive advantage for the region


The Projects will generate 1500 to 2000 family-wage jobs throughout a 5+ year construction timeline


Rye Development plans to invest nearly $1 billion dollars over the next decade in the southwestern PA region


Hydropower at existing facilities also strengthens and reinvests in critical, but aging, infrastructure

Renewable Energy Transition

Low-impact hydropower is the only round-the-clock renewable energy resource; it also qualifies for the same Renewable Energy Credits as wind or solar power


Montgomery Lock and Dam

Located in Beaver County, this is the largest project in the region

Allegheny Lock and Dam #2

Next to the Highland Park Bridge in the City of Pittsburgh, learn how Pitt is tackling its institutional renewable energy goals while driving local investment

Emsworth Lock and Dam

Adjacent to Neville Island with Allegheny County leading the way, the project encapsulates Pittsburgh’s past and future

Near Term Projects

Explore the other projects Rye Development is working on in the Pittsburgh region